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The University of Leeds has a strong legacy of supporting research into georgic literature and related areas. Some relevant publications to come out of the University include:

  • John Barnard, ‘Dryden, Tonson, and the Patrons of The Works of Virgil (1697)’, in John Dryden: Tercentenary Essays, ed. Paul Hammond and David Hopkins (Oxford, 2002), pp. 174-239
  • David Fairer, ‘“Where fuming trees refresh the thirsty air”: The World of Eco-Georgic’, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, 40 (2011), 201-18
  • Tess Somervell, ‘The Golden Age and Iron Times: Pastoral and Georgic in “Spring”’, in The Genres of Thomson’s The Seasons, ed. Sandro Jung and Kwinten Van De Walle (Bethlehem, PA, 2018)


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